Our core values dictate our corporate culture. Maintaining fairness, honesty and transparency in everything we do in our business is of primary importance. This extends to our day to day interactions with employees and customers alike. 

We believe that any organization is a sum total of its people. Therefore we value our employees as a real driving force behind our growth. Accordingly our policy of respect and understanding towards colleagues has paid us in terms of bringing out the best in them. Al-Hejailan, in pursuant to its adherence to a healthy saudiization policy, employs, trains and encourages the development of local talent in all its companies.

At Al-Hejailan, we are very much aware of the fact that to be able to bring together the very best resources in terms of ideas, technology and people, it is imperative that we forge partnerships that transcend global barriers and cultures. Accordingly, we will always be looking for strategic joint ventures with global partners.

Lastly, as an ongoing business policy, we will continue to set high standards in our work, so that it reflects in the quality of products and services we offer.