Al-Hejailan Group was founded in 1980 as an engineering and contracting firm. The Kingdom’s industrialization program in this period opened avenues for the group to venture into other sectors of the economy, thus evolving into a well-diversified business house over a period of time. Today Al-Hejailan Group maintains a strong presence in areas such as Industry, Engineering, Services and Telecom. The Group’s business interests primarily encompass a variety of capabilities, which include engineering design and supervision, construction management, industry, trading, logistics support and telecommunications.

Reflecting on our achievements in the last three decades, we extend our appreciation to our experienced and professional workforce. We proudly believe that guided by the values set by the founders, it is the dedication of our people that has helped the group reach milestones. 

In the local and international business arena, Al-Hejailan Group thrives on the principle of mutual trust and integrity. We are known in the marketplace for our fair business practices with clients and suppliers alike. Al-Hejailan Group will always strive to maintain this reputation as a trusted name among business houses in Saudi Arabia.