Trindel was established during 1991 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of Al-Hejailan Group’s group of companies. As a GREEN BUILDING solutions provider, Trindel operates as a continuity to the group’s strategic investment in the lighting and systems sector after the earlier investment made in Nardeen and General Lighting Company made in the past.

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Enjaz Energy & Projects

ENJAZ ENERGY & PROJECTS provides energy & environment solutions to industries and commercial establishments. Enjaz is positioned to become a single point contact for creating, managing & maintaining energy efficient and environment friendly utility plants or standalone equipment.

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Saudi Arabian Integrated Logistic Systems

“SAILS (Saudi Arabian Integrated Logistics Systems) is a concierge services company established in Saudi Arabia to aid Western and Saudi companies in both government and commercial sectors. Human Resources, Logistic & Administrative Affairs, Business Office Support, Facility Maintenance and Site Support, Government Relations, Personnel Support Services, Travel Services, Procurement, Translation, Vehicle Lease, Accounting Support, Janitorial Services etc. are few examples of SAILS’ diversified services.”

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